Companies from all over the world, from a great array of industries, have transformed their Recruiting and Talent Development processes with our tool

“The partnership with Nawaiam will allow the company to use technology in a ludic and innovative way, thus improving our image of a hiring brand and the experience of the candidates in our recruiting processes.”

Eduardo Martínez Osorio, Global Talent Director with Insud Pharma

“We have used Nawaiam to assess the behaviors of our entrepreneurs during the Barcelona and Madrid Weekends, and it has actually helped us to maximize time and costs, allowing us to have the behavioral profile of the entrepreneurs in a very ludic and fun way and above all, with more natural and authentic results.”

Joaquim Escura Sória, Partner & Chief People Officer with Nuclio Venture Builder

“This partnership means to us a change in paradigm in the way of approaching local and diverse talent management. The data that the Nawaiam platform provides allows for a better understanding of individual profiles to choose the right candidates for the right positions, besides guiding the training and development actions for our people, focusing on the current needs of the business while we drive the potential of each individual of our organization”.

Fernando Eiffler, HR VP Grupo Bimbo Latin Sur

“The experience with this tool has been very good because it enables and speeds up many of the selection processes regarding time and the accuracy, while for the candidates is a fun and relaxed moment. Even though it is an assessment, they go through it in a spontaneous and natural way”.

Luciana Garretta, responsible for Positions with Banco Industrial