A true ally to HR

The information obtained through the game instantly impacts the Nawaiam Dashboard, which is for the exclusive use of each client. The Dashboard is made of different sections that adjust to the targets of each organization. Moreover, it helps to handle and manage the information simply and objectively. The various functionalities of the tool assure agility in the processes, resulting in a significant saving in time, costs, and energy of the HR area. Nawaiam is a concept that is constantly evolving and developing to meet customer needs.

Report generation.

Reports of those who play Nawaiam can be downloaded from the dashboard. The system generates two types of reports for each profile detected: Individual Report and Company Report.
Individual Report: It is Composed of general aspects of the behavior style of the candidates. It is a valuable Self-Awareness tool for candidates or collaborators.
Company Report: It is composed of labor aspects according to the behavior style of the candidates or collaborators. It is a tool that facilitates the management of Human Capital for leaders.

Tailor-made information.

Candidates´data can be filtered and managed from the dashboard through different methodologies, such as ranking or matching, according to the organization’s needs.

The Perfect Match.

The tool generates a compatibility ranking of people vs. positions. It is possible to see which candidates will answer most naturally to the behaviors the position requires


Nawaiam generates compatibility analysis between jobs, profiles, and skills, obtaining trends for effective Human Capital Management.

Uses of the Tool.

The videogame provides organizations with valuable information, managed through the dashboard. This data can be helpful for: Recruiting and Selection; Qualification and Development; Internal Promotions; Mapping of Work Teams; Turnover among work positions; Managing Human Capital for leaders; understanding in which contexts people can develop their potential better; generating Group Trends; matching People vs. Competencies/Positions; knowing leadership styles; Sales and Decision making; identifying behavioral Strengths and Weaknesses.

Theoretical Basis.

Nawaiam is based on the DISC model by William Marston published in his book, “Emotions of Normal People”. It also uses theories of Perception, Self-Awareness, and Self-consistency.