The Game

What is Nawaiam?

Nawaiam is a video game that, after being played by the candidate, instantly generates his behavioral profile. The resulting profile has an automatic effect on the client’s dashboard. With the Nawaiam Experience we replace the traditional Recruitment and Internal Diagnose processes where candidates are examined as they play.

How does it work?

Nawaiaim offers a ludic experience that ensures more effective results. The candidate makes decisions and reacts naturally to the challenges throughout the game.

The candidates enter the Nawaiam Experience through a Mobile App. During the game, they go through several scenarios, overcoming different difficulties, challenges and accomplishing missions.

Based on the player’s reactions and decisions during the experience, Nawaiam identifies natural behaviors related to decision making, communication, creativity, and analysis. As a result, a profile description is generated, focused on a professional environment.


Our goal is to connect companies’ needs to build teams attractively and effectively, with the need of young people to find innovative companies that recognize their skills and help them grow professionally.

The Nawaiam Adventure

The world faces an unprecedented crisis. Are you ready to become a hero?

Behind the Scenes

Testimonials from the creative team behind Nawaiam.